District Chief Executive Engages Wawaso Community, Highlights Achievements and Addresses Concerns

On April 25th, 2024, Hon. Wilson Agbanyo, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Kadjebi, embarked on a community engagement visit to Wawaso to interact with residents, share achievements, and address pertinent issues affecting the community.

During the engagement session, Hon. Wilson Agbanyo underscored the paramount importance of community engagement and accountability in local governance. He emphasized that the District Assembly, including himself and the Assembly members, are committed to listening to citizens’ grievances and working collaboratively towards improving the socio-economic well-being of the people.

Hon. Agbanyo took the opportunity to highlight key achievements of the District Assembly in recent years, specifically focusing on developments within and around the Wawaso community. These accomplishments include significant road reshaping projects along the route from Asato through Dzamlome to Wawaso, the installation of rural telephone networks servicing Dzamlome, Wawaso, and Kosamba, as well as the distribution of streetlights to enhance community safety.

During the interactive session, residents voiced concerns about the functionality of the rural telephone network in Wawaso. Hon. Agbanyo explained that challenges such as the mountainous terrain and interference from neighboring Togo Cell networks have impacted network performance. He assured residents that the Assembly is actively engaging with network providers to resolve these issues promptly.

Additionally, residents expressed ongoing road maintenance needs. Hon. Agbanyo informed the community that the District Assembly, in collaboration with the Ghana Productive Safety Net project, is in the process of addressing road reshaping and maintenance to enhance accessibility and transportation infrastructure.

In conclusion, Hon. Wilson Agbanyo reiterated the Assembly’s unwavering commitment to fostering development across the entire district. He urged residents to remain patient and assured them of the Assembly’s dedication to achieving a better Kadjebi District and contributing to national development goals.

Compiled by Nathaniel Nkiboare Atta

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