District Facility Management Team Conducts “My First Day at Site” Visit to CCMI Project Sites

Kadjebi District, November 24, 2023

The District Facility Management Team for the Ghana Productive Safety Net Program (GPSNP II) recently embarked on a three-day visit titled “My First Day at Site” to various CCMI Project sites within the Kadjebi District. The communities of focus included Asato, Dapaa-Olubobi, and Pampamwie-Okrakrom. This initiative, which occurred from Monday, November 20th, to Wednesday, November 23rd, 2023, aimed at observing and assessing the progress of work in these newly enrolled communities.

Accompanied by community facilitators, timekeepers, traditional authorities, assembly members, and agricultural extension officers, the District Facility Management Team undertook the visit as part of their mandate to ensure the successful implementation of the CCMI Project and to support the development initiatives within the district.

The primary purposes of the visit were:

  1. Handing Over of CCMI Sites: Traditional authorities officially handed over the CCMI sites to mark the commencement of work in these communities.
  2. Progress Assessment: Observations and assessments were conducted to gauge the progress of work and ensure that the project meets the required standards.
  3. Identification of Challenges: The visit aimed to identify any challenges or anomalies faced by beneficiaries and field officers, enabling proactive measures for resolution.
  4. Rectification of Tablet/Attendance Capture Issues: Efforts were made to rectify any issues related to tablet usage and attendance capture to streamline project operations.

Through collaborative efforts involving various stakeholders, the District Facility Management Team reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the successful implementation of the CCMI Project in the Kadjebi District. These initiatives not only enhance the livelihoods of the beneficiaries but also contribute to the overall development of the district.

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