Empowering Newly Elected Assembly Members: Building Capacity for Local Governance

The Network of Communities in Development (NOCID), in collaboration with the Kadjebi District Assembly, recently conducted a comprehensive capacity-building workshop tailored for the newly elected Honorable Assembly Members. Held on the 15th of March, 2024, at the Assembly Hall, Kadjebi, the workshop aimed to equip participants with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the local government system in Ghana.

The workshop commenced with an enlightening presentation by Mr. Anthony Ankutse, the Head of the Administration Unit at the Kadjebi District Assembly. Mr. Ankutse delved into various aspects including the structure of the Local Government (LG) System in Ghana, elucidating the administrative framework of the District Assembly (DA), and delineating the primary actors and non-state actors within the assembly system.

Subsequent presentations were delivered by esteemed professionals within the district: Mr. Gershion Amedo, District Budget Analyst; Mr. Gregory Tonozie, District Planning Officer; and Mr. Rashad Shaibu, Director of Agriculture. Their presentations covered vital topics such as an overview of the laws governing Ghana and the functionality of assembly members, the intricacies of planning, budgeting, and procurement processes in local governance, as well as the main functions of assembly members in Ghana.

Particular emphasis was placed on the role of assembly members in Internal Generated Fund (IGF) generation and their collective responsibility with the citizenry in promoting the development of the agricultural sector. This was underscored by Mr. Shaibu’s presentation, which specifically highlighted the importance of initiatives such as “Planting and Rearing for Foods and Jobs” in driving agricultural growth within the Kadjebi District.

The entire training workshop was expertly facilitated by Madam Agnes Obour, Manager for NOCID, ensuring a conducive learning environment and effective dissemination of knowledge. the occasion was also graced by Hon. Wilson Agbanyo; the District Chief Executive for Kadjebi District.

This initiative reflects a concerted effort by NOCID and the Kadjebi District Assembly to empower and equip newly elected assembly members with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively discharge their duties. By fostering a deeper understanding of local governance processes and promoting citizen engagement, this endeavor is poised to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the Kadjebi District.

Compiled by Nathaniel Nkiboare Atta

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