Kadjebi District Assembly Enhances Community Security with Streetlight Distribution

The Kadjebi District Assembly, led by Hon. Wilson Agbanyo, the District Chief Executive (DCE), and Engr. Samuel Anim, the District Works Engineer, has recently distributed streetlights to three sub-communities within the district as well as the township of Kadjebi. This effort is intended to strengthen security and improve safety for residents residing in Wawaso, Dzamlome, Asato, and the wider Kadjebi Township.

During a presentation at Wawaso, Hon. Wilson Agbanyo emphasized the importance of this distribution in providing increased security measures for the communities and their citizens. He took the opportunity to educate attendees about the efforts of the Assembly and the Ghanaian government to ensure equitable distribution of resources across the nation. Additionally, he highlighted several significant developmental achievements realized by the Assembly and government in recent years.

One noteworthy accomplishment mentioned by Hon. Agbanyo includes the reshaping of feeder roads, particularly from Asato through Dzamlome to Wawaso, as well as from Kosamba Junction to Kosamba, Dodo Amanfrom to Attakofi, Pillar 83, Todome, among others. These road improvements are pivotal in enhancing connectivity and accessibility within the district.

Mr. Theophilus Alanyo, speaking on behalf of the communities, expressed gratitude to the Kadjebi District Assembly and Hon. DCE Wilson Agbanyo for their dedication to community development and for the provision of streetlights. The distribution of streetlights represents a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in these areas.

The Kadjebi District Assembly remains committed to fostering community growth and security through strategic initiatives and partnerships. Initiatives such as the distribution of streetlights underscore the Assembly’s dedication to improving the quality of life for all residents in the district.

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