Kadjebi Assembly Elects Presiding Members

At an emergency meeting attended by all the 52 assembly members and voting supervised by Electoral Commission (EC) officials, Mr Nyame polled 50 YES votes, representing 96.1 per cent, as against two NO votes, representing 3.9 per cent, during the second round of voting which saw Mr Maxwell Komla Kokroko stepping down for Mr Nyame.

Round of voting

The first round of voting saw Mr Maxwell Komla Kokroko, the Assembly Member for the Dapaa Electoral Area, securing 20 votes as against 31 votes garnered by Mr Nyame, with one rejected ballot.

The election had been necessitated following the revocation of the appointment of 16 government appointees to the assembly and the subsequent appointment of 16 new ones to replace them.

The 16-member appointees represent a 30 per cent requirement of other members of the assembly as required by Article 242 (d) of the 1992 Constitution.

In an acceptance speech, Mr Nyame called on the citizenry to help harness both material and human resources that abound in the district for the development of the district.

Mr Nyame urged the assembly members not to lose sight of the fact that development was inclusive; hence, the need to bring all on board in the fight against poverty, hunger and diseases.

“Development is a shared responsibility, so all must be committed to the development agenda and poverty reduction strategy,” he said.

Mr Nyame also called on the assembly members to help mobilise enough internally generated revenue for development projects.

Appeal to electorate

The Kadjebi District Coordinating Director, Mr Jimah Yakubu, appealed to the electorate to be involved in the decision-making process, since participatory democracy occurs when the citizens realise the need to contribute to the decision-making process and do not sit on the fence only to engage in the blame game if things go wrong.

He said the process must be devoid of political, ethnic and religious inclination to achieve the desired results.

He added that the work of the district assemblies would be more appreciated if the assembly members and unit committees worked closely by providing the assembly with well-structured information that would help in facilitating development programmes.

Mr Yakubu also called on the citizenry to put the interest of Ghana first by relegating parochial personal interests to the background.

The district assembly also elected Mr Hakin Ibrahim, the assembly member for the Dodi-Papase North Electoral Area and Nana Kwabena Kontronko II, the Adontenhene of Pampawie Traditional Area and government appointee to the  assembly, to represent the assembly at the Council of State’s election electoral college in Ho.


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