Kadjebi District Assembly Holds First Management Meeting with New Coordinating Director

The Kadjebi District Assembly has held a meeting on Tuesday 25th August to officially introduce the new coordinating director, Me. Alhassan Sulemana to the Management Staff of the assembly. the meeting was among other things to introduce the new DCD to management staff and vice versa as well as get to know the working situation among departments in the district/

Speaking at the meeting, the DCD said he was going to operate an open-door policy in the interest of fairness and transparency and said anybody was welcome to his office at any time. he pledged to work assiduously to champion the interest of management staff and other officers of the Assembly. He added that he would also expect that staff put in extra effort in making sure that the Assembly was able to achieve its set goals and targets for the year.

Various management staff members at the meeting took turns to welcome him to the Assembly and pledged their unflinching support to him and assured him of their readiness to work with him in pushing the Kadjebi agenda forward.

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